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We offer the general public and the authorities practical and flexible help to adapt to the restrictions on freedom during the crisis. Because, during the crisis, mobility means above all getting SafeTickets quickly and easily and WITHOUT a tracking function.
The challenge:

Problems immediately crop up for the government, for the general public and for law enforcement officers in relation to restrictions on people leaving home and border checks within a country and between two countries:

  1. The general public is afraid of being monitored if restrictions on their ability to leave home require tickets as certificates for them to go out as every ticket reveals individual information. That means that one can expect greater resistance from people, even with regard to essential measures.

  2. Authorities are overwhelmed with the number of checks within the country and the many inquiries from the public.

  3. There is uncertainty as to what kind of freedom of movement is allowed in which part of the country in which time span.

  4. The policy response to amended requirements on the ground is not quick as the changes have to be announced first in a circuitous way via the press and law enforcement authorities – instead of in addition via a central place that everyone has access to.

What is needed:

  • Efficient transfer of information between all stakeholders with regard to freedom of movement – Who? When? Where? and Why? How long?

  • Customized and verified ticket generation without any surveillance.
  • Clear rules and current information as to what currently is ‘appropriate behaviour in the crisis’.
  • Efficient checking mechanisms, which do not impose an excessive burden on law enforcement officers or citizens.
The solution for all countries and regions:

With SafeTicket, citizens are issued with tickets acting as permits to go out in an uncomplicated and automatic way. They are verified against their personal ID document. That ticket can be checked quickly and smoothly via police inspections – either directly via a QR code or on request for the ticket number – depending on the technical equipment of the law enforcement officers. Only in case of suspicion do the law enforcement officers also need to see an ID document or to check the authenticity of the ticket on the basis of the ticket number.

The list of permits can be flexibly adapted to the current pandemic requirements in each country. Citizens can therefore always select from the currently allowed circumstances in the generation of the ticket. So it is always clear to everyone: What is not in the list is not allowed. And SafeTicket offers reporting features. With SafeTicket law enforcement authorities can know at any time where they can anticipate a large number of people appearing. They can therefore set up targeted checks where they are needed.

Citizens can rest assured when they enter their personal data into the system because we only save them on their own devices. It is only the ticket that is stored on the server. So it is impossible to track where individuals have stayed or will stay. Freedom also means informal self-determination. That is why we not only stick to strict German data protection requirements but, furthermore, we don’t even save the data on the server at all, where they could be misused (for example by hackers).

Europe needs free citizens. Europe needs to keep a check on the pandemic. We combine both of these things with SafeTicket.
Here are two examples how SafeTicket helps to manage crisis efficiently:

Entering a state

A town under lockdown

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