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And suddenly the Corona pandemic was there and turned my world upside down.

I’m only allowed to leave my home for a few exceptional reasons. Depending on where I live, there are different rules that I need to respect. I am supposed to reduce human contact to the bare minimum.

What am I allowed to do?

Where do I find the information that I need? How can I be sure that I am not breaking any rules by leaving my home?

How can I assess whether or not right now is a good moment to go shopping? How can I communicate to officials in a police patrol that I have a good reason to be outside my home?

And there are many more questions that are going around my head…

We understand,

that you will have a lot of questions because of the Corona pandemic. That’s why we have developed SafeTicket. Our App helps you to generate a ticket that entitles you to leave your house according to the rules and at the best time for you.

Nor need you to have any concern about police patrols. A police check with SafeTicket is quick and smooth. You will avoid long queues. That way you protect not just yourself but also fellow human beings.

What are the advantages of SafeTicket?

  • An overview of the applicable rules: SafeTicket collects and updates the applicable rules as published on the official website. So you no longer have to search for the current information yourself but can easily find information about the rules that apply to where you live via the App.

  • The ticket issuing process is quick and simple: SafeTicket ensures that the ticket issuing process is speedy and straightforward. To obtain a new ticket, you have to introduce your full name, your ID number, your reason [for going out], your starting point and destination as well as the time that you will start and finish your outing . That’s it. You can click here to try it out straight away.
  • Rush hours will be indicated: SafeTicket checks whether many users are out and about at the time that you have specified. If they are, the App automatically suggests an alternative window (time span) when fewer people are out. You can easily avoid unnecessary human contact with SafeTicket.
  • Checks are carried out quickly and smoothly: If you end up coming across the police and they want to carry out some checks , there is no reason to panic. You simply show your live ticket, the policeman scans your QR code and checks your ticket number. That does away with long discussions with law enforcement officers.

  • Your data are safe with us: Your personal data stay with you on your mobile phone/personal computer. It is only the ticket that will be stored on the server and it will be stored under a pseudonym. Tracking you via the ticket is technically impossible. You can read up in detail here (link) how exactly that works.
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